Prohibited Items

The following items are not suitable for transport with us and should not be booked through our network.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list - if the items you want to ship are not listed, and/or if you are unsure as to whether the Goods you wish to ship are suitable for transport with us, please contact out customer services team here where we will be able to confirm for you.

Hazardous Goods

Weapons e.g. Firearms, swords and knives
Explosives e.g. Fireworks, sparklers, munitions (war materials and ammunition)
Items containing small amounts of explosive e.g. Christmas crackers
Flammable solids
Flammable liquids
Items containing flammable liquids or solids
Gas e.g. Aerosols and camping gas cylinders
Corrosive substances e.g. Battery acid and drain cleaner
Toxic and infectious substances e.g. Pesticides, weed killers and poisons
Oxidising substances and organic peroxides e.g. Hair bleach
Radioactive material e.g. Smoke alarms and luminous dials (found on watches, alarm clocks etc.)
Engines (even if drained of oil)
Heavy machinery (such as lathes)
Lithium batteries, including those in battery operated toys and in laptops
Car batteries
Fire extinguishers
Human remains (except for ashes)
Animal parts, skins or furs
Ivory or ivory products
Illegal drugs
Prescribed medicines
Tobacco and tobacco products
Pornographic material
Personal effects or belongings
Perishable goods E.g. Frozen, refrigerated or fresh food
Plants or seeds
Cash, credit cards, debit cards
Passports, birth and death certificates or other unique documentation
Keys and other negotiable items of monetary or personal value
Articles of exceptional value (works of art, precious stones, gold and silver)
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As a booking agency we reserve the right to charge customers extra should our carriers pass on an additional charge. We will always endevour to fight a customers corner should they feel a charge is unjust. We aim to be open and honest about the way we trade which is why any and all potential charges are shown below in detail.

- Failed collection charge = £20 + vat (Per consignment)
- Failed delivery charge = £20 + vat (Per pallet)
- Pallet and wrap = £25 + vat
- Repackaging = £25 + vat
- Saturday Delivery = £40 + vat
- Oversize charge = Requote based on overhang through the system
- Timed delivery (within 2 hours) = £30 + vat
- Cancellation fee = £15 (This can take upto 7 working days)
- Storage charges for un-deliverable returns = £5 per cubic meter per day
- Return to sender charge = The original shipment value charged again

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